Welcome to the Home Page of Jan Geisen. I am an artist who works in multiple media. I have a BA degree in Art and originally worked only with photography and silk screen media. About 20 years ago I discovered polymer clay. I fell in love with its versatility. It was perfect for an "improv" artist like myself. I just work with it and it tells me what it wants to be! The first technique I worked with was the millefiori cane making technique. Millefiori canes always have distorted ends where the cane pattern doesn't match the rest of the cane. I discovered from my very first cane that I would rather play with the scraps, than the rest of the cane.

As you can imagine, I ended up with a lot of clay "scraps". So I had to find ways to use them. In addition to using the canes for jewelry, I use them to make finials for plant stakes which are copper embellished with glass nuggets.

I am still a photographer and have greatly enjoyed working with a digital camera instead of a film camera.

I do sell my jewelry and on-line. So check out my Polymer Clay Jewelry Page. This page will lead you to my on-line shop at Etsy.com.

Check out my blog at:

Check out my Flickr site too if you want to see additional photos of my jewelry, photographs and plant stakes that I don't have here on my website:

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